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Michael F. Coady presents his Drawings of the Political Figures of Our Time. Each work was produced on white A3 drawing paper. In each case one of the following drawing materials was used: Water Colour Pencil, Graphite Pencil, Charcoal Pencil or Pastel Pencil. Each work was produced in 2009 using photographs as the subject reference material.

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Robert Gabriel Mugabe (Born 21 February 1924) President of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) He has held power as the head of government since 1980, as Prime Minister from 1980 to 1987, and as the first executive head of state since 1987. Mugabe rose to prominence in the 1960s as the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU). For many years in the 1960s and 1970s Mugabe was a political prisoner in Rhodesia. His goal was to replace white minority-rule with a one-party Marxist regime. Since 1998 Mugabe's policies have elicited domestic and international condemnation. Mugabe's government supported the Southern African Development Community's intervention in the Second Congo War. Expropriated thousands of white-owned farms. Printed hundreds of trillions of Zimbabwean dollars, causing hyperinflation. Harassed and intimidated all political opponents.

Osama bin Laden (born Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 10 March 1957) - Al-Qaeda is a multinational Sunni Islamic organisation financed by Osama bin Laden and closely allied to the Taliban of Afganistan and Pakistan. Al-Qaeda was formed in 1988 by Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam and senior leaders of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Al-Qaeda members must make a pledge (bayat) of obedience to Osama bin Laden and their Islamic superiors. Al-Qaeda's goals are to spread the Word of God and make His Religion victorious. It strives for a complete break from foreign liberal influences in all Muslim countries and for global Islamic Jihad. Al-Qaeda seeks to intimidate by violence all people who oppose these goals. Al-Qaeda has attacked civilian and military targets in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and on the 11 September 2001 the United States of America (USA). The USA government launched a War on Terrorism in response, chiefly in Afganistan. Many thousand members of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the forces that oppose them have been killed in battle in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakastan. Al-Qaeda has been designated a terrorist organisation by government organisations in all democratic non-Muslim countries.

Kim Jong-il (born 1941) Kim Il-sung, Who foundered North Korea, still rules from His heavenly domain. He hath given the North Korean people a Son; Kim Jong-il to interpret His will on earth. It has been stated by credible witnesses that Kim's birth was accompanied by birds, singing praise in the Korean language. Truly, the age of miracles is still upon Kim's chosen people. We bow our heads in awe. Kim Jong-il is the de facto leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. He is the Chairman of the National Defence Commission, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, and General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (the ruling party since 1948). He succeeded his father Kim Il-sung, founder of North Korea, who died in 1994, and commands the fourth largest standing army in the world. North Korea officially refers to him as the "Dear Leader". Kim may be one of the most mysterious leaders in the world.

Kim Jong Il - Quotes - A man who dreads trials and difficulties cannot become a revolutionary. If he is to become a revolutionary with an indomitable fighting spirit, he must be tempered in the arduous struggle from his youth. As the saying goes, early training means more than late earning. Great ideology creates great times. National defense is the sacred duty of the young and all other people. No faction is better or worse than any other. All come from the same mould; they are all products of capitalist influence in the working class movement. And they are a poison that destroys our Party and the working class movement in Korea. Overall relations between the North and the South have developed in favor of national reconciliation, unity and reunification. The liquidation of colonialism is a trend of the times which no force can hold back. The revolution is carried out by means of one's thought, not through one's family background. We oppose the reactionary policies of the U.S. government but we do not oppose the American people. We want to have many good friends in the United States.

Robert Mugabe - Quotes - Countries such as the U.S. and Britain have taken it upon themselves to decide for us in the developing world, even to interfere in our domestic affairs and to bring about what they call regime change. I wish to assure you that there can never be any return to the state of armed conflict which existed before our commitment to peace and the democratic process of election under the Lancaster House agreement. If the choice were made, one for us to lose our sovereignty and become a member of the Commonwealth or remain with our sovereignty and lose the membership of the Commonwealth, I would say let the Commonwealth go. In most recent times, as the West started being hostile to us, we deliberately declared a Look East policy. It may be necessary to use methods other than constitutional ones. Our party must continue to strike fear in the heart of the white man, our real enemy! Our votes must go together with our guns. After all, any vote we shall have, shall have been the product of the gun. The gun which produces the vote should remain its security officer - its guarantor. The people's votes and the people's guns are always inseparable twins. People are free to campaign and they will be free to vote. There won't be any soldiers, you know, at the queues. Anyone who has the right to vote is free to go and cast his vote anywhere in his own area, in his own constituency. So, Blair keep your England, and let me keep my Zimbabwe. Some people are contriving ways and means of making us collapse. Stay with us, please remain in this country and constitute a nation based on national unity. The land is ours. It's not European and we have taken it, we have given it to the rightful people... Those of white extraction who happen to be in the country and are farming are welcome to do so, but they must do so on the basis of equality. The only white man you can trust is a dead white man. The white man is not indigenous to Africa. Africa is for Africans. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans. True, some land was bought by a few Cabinet Ministers. They bought the land. No minister, to my knowledge acquired land which was meant for resettlement. Was it not enough punishment and suffering in history that we were uprooted and made helpless slaves not only in new colonial outposts but also domestically. We are no longer going to ask for the land, but we are going to take it without negotiating. We are not hungry... Why foist this food upon us? We don't want to be choked. We have enough. We don't mind having sanctions banning us from Europe. We are not Europeans. We have said the first step was to designate the land, inform the owners. And the second would be to get the responses from the owners. And this will be openly done.

Osama bin Laden - Quotes - Bush the father did well in placing his sons as governors and did not forget to pass on the expertise in fraud from the leaders of the region to Florida to use it in critical moments. Even as you enter the fourth year after the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush is still misleading and deluding you and hiding the real reason from you. I have sworn to only live free. Even if I find bitter the taste of death, I don't want to die humiliated or deceived. I support any Muslims, whether here or abroad. I'm fighting so I can die a martyr and go to heaven to meet God. Our fight now is against the Americans. This resemblance became clear in the Bush the father's visits to the region. He wound up being impressed by the royal and military regimes and envied them for staying decades in their positions and embezzling the nation's money with no supervision. We did not find it difficult to deal with Bush and his administration, because it is similar to regimes in our countries - both types include many who are full of arrogance and greed. We do not mind establishing a long-term truce between us and you. We have repeatedly issued warnings, over a number of years. Following these warnings and these calls, anti-American explosions took place in a number of Islamic countries. We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two. We treat them in the same way. Those who kill our women and innocent, we kill their women and innocent, until they refrain. Your security is not in the hands of Kerry, Bush or al-Qaida. Your security is in your own hands.