The Diligent Servant is a short movie starring James Vivian Harrison,
co-starring "Mus musculus", with music composed by Michael F. Coady.

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The trailer for the film is free to download here
(a 3.6 MByte wmv file 16x9 aspect ratio) ... The Diligent Servant
Copyright (c) 2011 Michael F. Coady

For further information write to:
J. V. Harrison
G.P.O. Box 2232
Canberra ACT 2601

Music excerpt by Michael Francis Coady from the film The Diligent Servant. Copyright © 2011 Michael F. Coady.

The Diligent Servant is a short film produced and mis-directed by Michael Francis Coady with James V. Harrison in the starring role, the supporting cast is provided by representatives from the Mus musculus community. The music was composed by Michael Francis Coady. The producers would also like to acknowledge the assistance of Jimmy Viv and his crew.

Note that the common House Mouse Mus musculus is quite distinct from the Australian native marsupial Antechinus despite their superficial resemblance.

Convergent Evolution - Wikipedia
Convergent Evolution - The Great Story of Evolution

In fact "Mus musculus" is much more closely related to humans, the giraffe and the blue whale than it is to "Antechinus".

Michael F. Coady Composer of Modern Impressionistic Music. Music for Relaxation or Inspiration.

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