Welcome to my home page. My name is James Vivian Harrison. My friends call me Jimmy Viv. I am a professional valet.

Recently I was asked to collaborate in the production of a short film that gives an account of my professional activities. The Diligent Servant depicts a typical day for me in the service of my master. My master is exceedingly active in business in the city and has recently developed a keen interest in politics. You will understand his need for someone possessed of my skills and a desire to serve. In the film you'll follow me from waking in the morning until retiring in the evening. You'll watch as I cater to the needs of my master and his guests, and complete all the tasks that it is my great pleasure to perform throughout my day. Yes, mine is a life of service, however I derive enormous satisfaction from the performance of my duties to the best of my ability.

I'm pleased to be able to share with you this one day, and hope it will enable others to better understand the life of the man in service. My goal is to continue to live up to those high standards expected of a man in my profession, and indeed also the title of the film.

The Trailer of the film is available for free download here...
The Diligent Servant
Copyright (c) 2011 Michael F. Coady

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Music excerpt by Michael Francis Coady from the film The Diligent Servant. Copyright © 2011 Michael F. Coady.

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